Claim Your Funds!


My name is Vernon Snyder and I'm a registered finder in the state of California. I've contacted you because you are owed abandoned funds that have been turned over to the state. 

I can help you recover this money, with no out-of-pocket cost to you. I work on a contingency basis and am paid only when and if you are paid. (My fee is usually 10% and is paid directly by the state).

Please contact me at your earliest convenience for more details and to start the claim process. I do all the work with the state and will make it as easy as possible for you. The sooner we begin the process the sooner you'll have your funds. 

Call or Text, Cell:  541.450.5243

Call or Text, Google Voice: 541.502.0424



Vernon Snyder

317 Josephine Street #1199

Merlin, OR 97532